Xceed Binary Encoding Library

Xceed Binary Encoding Library 1.1

Add binary-to-text and text-to-binary encoding and decoding to your apps

Supports a variety of popular encoding methods, including UUEncode, XXEncode, Base64, Binhex and Quoted-Printable.
Can encode or decode memory buffers, strings, blobs, streaming data, or single files.

Can work directly with Xceed Streaming Compression Library and/or Xceed Encryption Library to perform multiple operations in a single pass.

One fully self-contained object, written with ATL 3.0 for no external dependencies, supports multi-threaded apartment model.

The industry's best technical support. Our team's quick response time with help and solutions earns them praise from customers on a daily basis.
Sold only as part of the Xceed Data Manipulation Suite.

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